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Loan Origination

The Alison Company has been engaged in comprehensive commercial real estate mortgage banking services since 1934. Over the past ten years, the Mortgage Banking division has produced in excess of $4 billion in commercial real estate mortgage loans.

The Alison Company, through a primary principal, is a Real Estate Broker under the laws of the state of California.  We are regulated by the California Department of Real Estate and act effectively as dual agents in most of our transactions.  When brokering loans (placing with third party lenders we do not represent), we typically act as the agent for the borrower.

Today the Company produces permanent loans, construction loans, bridge loans, structured financing, and other sophisticated types of financing vehicles. Properties include all types of income-producing real estate, including: office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial parks and distribution facilities, apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, hotels, boat marinas, etc. 

The Mortgage Banking division is a full-service operation. In addition to origination services, the company provides loan packaging and appraisal, loan closing and loan servicing functions. Loans are solicited by the production department in a number of different ways, including existing clients, referrals, direct marketing, purchase transactions, brokerage, etc. The size of loans generally varies between a maximum of approximately $50 million and a minimum of approximately $500,000. The average loan size over the last ten years was approximately $4 million. The Alison Company has a very high performance ratio, as measured by deals closed versus applications in process. The percentage is generally above 95% and in some years has approached 100%. 

The Company's reputation is built upon performance and service. A majority of the transactions are with repeat lenders and borrowers. The production staff services the client's needs and provides product to match the demand. The staff has the experience, education, and flexibility to analyze all types of real estate in a professional and proven manner.